The 12 Members (Board of Directors) of the Conservation Authority are appointed by NBMCA's 10 member municipalities for a four-year term following each municipal election.  Representation on the board is based on the population of the municipality located within the watershed. 

NBMCA is a non-share corporation, established under Section 3 of the Conservation Authorities Act, with the objects to provide, in the area over which it has jurisdiction, programs and services designed to further the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources in watersheds in Ontario other than gas, coal and minerals.

Under the Act, municipalities within a common watershed can petition the province to establish a conservation authority.  NBMCA was formed in 1972.

Based on Section 2 (2) of the Conservation Authorities Act, the Participating Municipalities appoint the following number of members:
City of North Bay - 3 members
Municipality of Callander - 1 member
Municipality of Calvin - 1 member
Municipality of East Ferris - 1 member
Municipality of Mattawan - 1 member
Municipality of Powassan - 1 member
Town of Mattawa - 1 member
Township of Bonfield - 1 member
Township of Chisholm - 1 member

Township of Papineau – Cameron - 1 member

Board members authorize NBMCA’s programs and policies, which staff is responsible for implementing. 

The 2022-2026 Board members are listed below.  

Municipality of Mattawan
Michelle Lahaye
(705) 471-9455 
Town of Mattawa
Loren Mick
(Vice Chair)
(705) 744-5611
City of North Bay
Peter Chirico
(705) 474-0400 ext. 2517 
City of North Bay
Chris Mayne
(705) 474-1532 
City of North Bay
Lana Mitchell
(705) 474-5420 
Municipality of Callander
Grant McMartin
(705) 845-6640
Municipality of Calvin
Bill Moreton
(705) 200-9966 
Municipality of East Ferris
Steve Trahan
(705) 499-6116 
Municipality of Powassan
Dave Britton 
(705) 474-5420
Township of Bonfield
Steve Featherstone
(905) 531-5367 
Township of Chisholm
Nunzio Scarfone
(705) 724-3526 
Township of Papineau-Cameron
Shelley Belanger
(705) 358-8879