Some of the following reminders are the law, while others are just plain common sense and courtesy. Everyone’s cooperation and respect for these reminders will help preserve the natural beauty of our Conservation Areas and trails.


  • Owners must keep their pets on a leash at all times and “stoop and scoop”.
  • No motorized vehicles permitted in Conservation Areas and on trails.
  • No hunting.
  • Possession and/or consumption of alcohol is not permitted.
  • Please do not damage or remove plants, picnic tables or other area property.
  • Camping is not permitted in any of our conservation areas.
  • Campfires are not permitted in any of our conservation areas.
  • When in doubt concerning an activity, please ask our staff.
  • Alcoholic beverages and drugs, including cannabis, are not allowed in any of our conservation areas.
  • Smoking and vaping, not including cannabis or other drugs, is not allowed within 9 metres of buildings. We strongly encourage not smoking in our parks to limit the chances of fire. Help us keep the environment clean and respect fellow visitors.
  • We live in Bear Country - so be Bear Aware!   If you see a bear in one of our Conservation Areas, let us know!  Call 705-474-5420.  Email NBMCA Lands Staff.

Active Transportation

  • Visitors are invited to travel to and enter a conservation area from a residence or workplace by use of active transportation (walking, biking, jogging, running, cycling, in-line skating, skateboarding, non-mechanized wheel chairing, skiing and snowshoeing).
  • Kinsmen Trail and Kate Pace Way are paved trails used by cyclists, roller bladers, walkers with strollers, joggers, and dog walkers.  
    • Yield to pedestrians
    • Travel in a single file
    • Move off trail when stopping
    • Keep right except when passing
    • Sound your bell when passing
    • Cyclists under 18 must wear helmet (City By-law #35-96)
    • No motorized vehicles (Medical assist vehicles only)

Please leave the Conservation Area as you find it.

  • NBMCA owns and/or manages over 15 properties for the protection and appreciation of important natural resources. Many of these Conservation Areas are for the public to experience and enjoy and for future generations to be able to do the same. Some global trends, such as climate change, are putting these natural resources at risk but unfortunately, some visitor trends can do the same.
  • In our Conservation Areas it is illegal to pick or remove vegetation of any kind, including live or dead branches, plants, soil or other natural items. It is also illegal to scan, dig or remove archeological artifacts from Conservation Areas.
  •  If you see anyone picking plants or removing any resources from our Conservation Areas, please contact us at 705-474-5420 or email Thank you for your cooperation.

Trail Etiquette

  • Know which uses are permitted before participating.
  • Give the right of way to smaller and slower users.
  • Stay right when approaching oncoming users.
  • Stay on the trail surface.
  • Keep pets leashed, and clean up after them.
  • Obey signs.
  • Do not climb fences or take shortcuts.
  • Respect the privacy of landowners bordering the trails.
  • Leave wildlife and plants for others to enjoy.