Dogs are pets we love, enjoy and appreciate.  They are companions and exercise buddies. Some work as service animals. 

People bring their pets to Conservation Areas and trails for exercise and believe they are being responsible dog owners in doing so.  Some people don’t know they must have their dog on a leash; others are choosing to ignore the signs.  “Dogs on Leash” and “Poop and Scoop” are posted on signs at all Conservation Areas.

Conservation areas, city parks and trails are great places for exercising dogs and enjoying nature but they must be on a leash no longer than two metres and owners must pick up and dispose of their poop.

It’s about the health and safety of pets, people, wildlife and the ecosystem. 
It’s also the Law.

  • Conservation Authorities Act Reg 125, Section 10.2.c
  • City of North Bay By-laws No. 1993-151, 1998-094, 1996-35, 2009-113

Love 'em and leash 'em!

If you would like to let your dog exercise off-leash, the City of North Bay has an off-leash dog park just off Champlain Park Rd.  Visit the North Bay Humane Society website for directions!