The snowpack has decreased by 14.8 cm and the snow water equivalent decreased by 48.7 mm since the previous snow survey on March 1, 2024, reports the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) who measures snow depth and water content as part of its Flood Forecasting and Warning Program. Patches of snow remain in forested, shaded, and elevated areas, particularly in the northern parts of the watershed.

“The combined average snow depth is 2.4 cm and water equivalence is 12.3 mm at the three snow course locations”, said Angela Mills, NBMCA Water Resources Specialist. “Since snow surveys began the only records for the month of March with less snow than today’s measurements were when no snow was reported on March 1 and March 15 survey in 2000 (Corbeil and former North Bay site) and March 15, 2010 (former North Bay site only)”, she added.

NBMCA is now measuring the snowpack weekly, to monitor conditions leading up to and during the spring freshet. This is a supplementary survey; more data is required for comparison to historical conditions. The per cent normal data will be calculated for the next snow survey which takes place March 15. A new Snow Survey web page is available with more snow survey program information and this season's measurements.

Snow is measured for depth and water equivalence at three locations in the watershed. 

North Bay Golf and Country Club (Chippewa Creek Watershed, North Bay)

*Data prior to Dec. 2011 collected at the former Northeast Mental Health Centre, Hwy 11                                

Current Snow Depth for March 8, 2024

    3.5 cm

Water Equivalence for March 8, 2024

    18.0 mm

Corbeil Conservation Area (La Vase River Watershed, Corbeil)

Current Snow Depth for March 8, 2024

    1.8 cm

Current Water Equivalence for March 8, 2024

    9.0 mm

Shirley Skinner Conservation Area (Kaibuskong River Watershed, Chisholm)

Current Snow Depth for March 8, 2024                

     1.9 cm

Current Water Equivalence for March 8, 2024

     10.0 mm

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) was founded in 1972 by the Province of Ontario. NBMCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario responsible for watershed management on behalf of local municipalities, stakeholders, and the province.

The public can follow NBMCA on the web at, on X (Twitter) (@theNBMCA), Facebook (@theNBMCA) and Instagram (nbmcainfo).

For more information, contact: 

Angela Mills, Water Resources Specialist (705) 497-4668
David Ellingwood, Director, Water Resources (705) 474-5420