Fifty-nine teams from across the province and a few from out of province and even one paddler from out of country participated in North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s Mattawa River Canoe Race presented by Susan Weiskopf, Senior Financial Planner - IG. Paddlers launched from Olmsted Beach, North Bay and made their way through the 64 km trek, five mandatory portages and average water levels to Mattawa Island, competing for the top spot in the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s race.

Sebastien Courville of Golden Lake and Gaetan Plourde of North Gower captured the Fastest Overall Time trophy, finishing with a time of 6:03:33 in the C2 Stock Men’s category, breaking the previous record of 6:17:36 (2017).

The record was broken in the Open Kayak Category by Roburt Tranter from London with a time of 6:28:47, breaking the previous record of 6:32:32 (2017).

The record was broken in the Open SUP Category by Tim Oliver from Clarksburg with a time of 7:05:42, breaking the previous record of 7:23:57 (2018).

An additional 10 teams took part in the 13 km family and adult races, launched from Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park.

Top three finishers in each race divisions are:

Pro C2 Men’s:

1st Place:  Glen Dawson from Bracebridge and Arthur Walker Jones from Winnipeg – 6:17:17

2nd Place: Rob Gregoris from Sudbury and Shawn Bruins from Hong Kong – 6:31:10

3rd Place:  Mark Clout and Gord Cole from Parry Sound – 6:33:12 

Pro C2 Mixed:

1st Place:  Karen Simpson from Mississauga and Keir Johnston from Strathroy – 6:21:41

2nd Place: Audra Nicholson from Rosseau and Dean Coulson from Kearney – 6:32:56

3rd Place: Liz Loek from Mississauga and Stan Anusiewicz from Brights Grove – 6:38:13

C2 Stock Mixed:

1st Place:  Leila Myers from Chelsea, Qc and Stephen Wasteneys from Ottawa – 7:07:27

2nd Place: Jen Nicolson from and Tom Stead from Huntsville – 7:23:40

C2 Stock Men’s:

1st Place:  Sebastien Courville from Golden Lake and Gaetan Plourde from North Gower – 6:03:33 (new record)             

2nd Place:  Bill McGowan from Torrance and Conor Abrahams from Ottawa – 6:48:22

3rd Place:  Claude Roux from Vaudreuil Dorion and Craig Creighton from Lindsay – 7:08:55

C1 Stock Open:

1st Place:  Colin Lathe from Cornwall – 8:10:00

2nd Place:  Marlon Schmidt from For Erie – 9:15:35

3rd Place:  Susan Weiskopf from Callander – 9:43:12


1st Place:  John Larmer and Randy Donato from Greater Sudbury – 7:20:34

2nd Place: Jamie-leigh Chapman from Haliburton and Justin Yatkowski from Ottawa – 7:47:34

3rd Place: Chris Frappier from Astorville and Andy Kanmacher from North Bay – 8:04:16


1st Place: Louis Cabardos from Cobourg and John Reid from Astorville – 7:37:10

2nd Place: Lucas Colameco from and Nicolas Drolet from Midhurst – 7:74:45

3rd Place: Zack Underhill from Toronto and Paco Jones-Jewell from Midhurst – 7:55:45


1st Place:  Carol Zimbalatti and Mark Swain from Corbeil – 7:18:20

2nd Place: Meg Wallace and Oliver Mercure from Guelph – 9:06:24

3rd Place: Eila Collings and Stephen Reich from Ottawa – 10:22:25                                             


1st Place: Jenny Galt and Buck Miller from Huntsville – 7:46:12

2nd Place: Jenna Wall and Paul Waque from North Bay – 8:15:00

3rd Place: Isabelle and Norm Drolet from Midhurst – 9:15:43


1st Place:  Nicole Dupuis from Callander and Jeanne Auger from Sturgeon Falls – 8:47:40

2nd Place: Elisha Sloan-Keats from Corbeil and Sarah Surtees from North Bay – 9:30:01


1st Place:  Roburt Tranter from London – 6:28:47 (new record)

2nd Place: Brad Spooner from Kanata – 6:42:12

3rd Place: Andrei Zoubakine from Richmond Hill – 6:50:23


1st Place:  Tim Oliver from Clarksburg – 7:05:42 (new record)

2nd Place:  Trevor Quinton from Huntsville – 7:50:05

3rd Place: Jamie Stephenson from Chelsea, Qc – 8:10:32


1st Place: Ryan and Brody Willets from Hamilton – 1:48:49

2nd Place:  Jay Ryan from Sudbury and George Saschagrin from Corbeil – 1:53:40

3rd Place: Kristine Young and Audrey Henderson from Kitchener – 2:13:05


1st Place: Emma and Dan Howe from Pickering – 1:34:11

2nd Place:  Gail Bailey and John Liversage from Bracebridge – 1:35:34

3rd Place: Colleen Whelan and Nathalie Piche from Huntsville – 1:47:53

All other race results and photos (June 12) on the NBMCA’s website located at Please contact Paula Loranger at 705-494-5115 if you require further information.

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) was founded in 1972 by the Province of Ontario. A non-profit organization, the NBMCA works closely with the public to balance human needs with the environmental needs of the region’s watershed. The NBMCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities who are members of Conservation Ontario.


Contact:          Paula Loranger           Community Relations Coordinator                 705-494-5115