NFN Stewardship Youth Rangers join NBMCA Stewardship Team at Chippewa Creek Planting

Improving the Chippewa Creek shoreline has brought together four high school students from Nipissing First Nation (NFN) and the stewardship team at the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) to collaborate on a shoreline stewardship project. 

The four students and their leader are part of the NFN Junior Stewardship Ranger program. Friday they will help NBMCA by spreading mulch to protect the new shrubs that were recently planted to help prevent further erosion along a portion of the creek near McGaughey Ave.

Shoreline plantings help prevent the runoff of nutrients and pollution into the creek, protect the shoreline from erosion, and provide a cooling effect on the waterway to help improve aquatic habitat.

“Engaging youth in stewardship initiatives helps sow the seeds for the future. There have been steadfast efforts by NBMCA, the City, and community groups, to improve the health of Chippewa Creek.  These NFN students are now part of the stewardship legacy of Chippewa Creek and we’re appreciative of their efforts,” said Sue Buckle, NBMCA Manager of Communications and Outreach.  

The NFN Stewardship Junior Rangers program is offered in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The Rangers are a team of 4 high school students and a team leader who spend 8 weeks working outdoors on natural resource management projects in and around the community.  They also take part in training, such as Bear Awareness, Boat Smart, Wilderness First Aid, Young Worker’s Health & Safety and Canoe Safety (ORCA), to make sure they are well prepared for their adventures.

“Our collaboration with NBMCA and MNRF inspires future environmental leaders by involving youth in community-based natural resources projects.  Youth acquire valuable skills and knowledge about the environment, wildlife and fish, and gain experience in protecting and sustaining our precious natural resources for future generations to come,” said Tom Lambert, NFN Employment and Training Manager.  

“NFN’s partnership with the MNRF Stewardship Junior Rangers program over the past several years has helped youth develop personal and professional skills to help them succeed in future careers, while strengthening their roles as stewards of our lands and waters.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with NBMCA on this project at Chippewa Creek,” he added. 

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority was founded in 1972 by the Province of Ontario and its 10 member municipalities. A non-profit organization, the NBMCA works closely with the public to balance human needs with environmental needs throughout the region’s watershed. The NBMCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities who are members of Conservation Ontario.

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For more information, contact:  

Sue Buckle, Manager, Communications & Outreach              (705) 474-5420 ext. 2010