NBMCA's On-site Sewage System (Septic) program is designed to protect the environment and people’s health and safety by regulating and ensuring compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) Part 8 regarding the installation and maintenance of private on-site sewage systems within Nipissing District and the Parry Sound District (with the exception of the Township of the Archipelago).  (See Map at bottom)

If your residential, seasonal or commercial property does not have municipal sewer services and you will be using an on-site sewage system, the OBC requires you to obtain a permit from NBMCA. 

Check with one of our On-site Sewage System Area Supervisors if you are planning any of the activities below in an area without municipal sewer services. You may need an on-site sewage system permit if you are:

  • building a new home or cottage
  • building an addition with additional bedrooms and/or adding plumbing fixtures (talk to an inspector for specifications)
  • installing an outhouse, leaching (grey water) pit or holding tank
  • replacing the bed or tank of your existing on-site sewage system
  • demolishing an on-site sewage system
  • building or expanding a commercial/industrial facility with a daily design flow of less than 10,000 litres per day (systems larger than 10,000 litres/day in design capacity and communal (off-lot) sewage systems are regulated by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks under the Ontario Water Resources Act.)

NBMCA provides a variety of services related to on-site sewage systems including:

  • On-site Sewage System (Septic) Permits
  • Plan Input and Review
  • File Reviews for expansions or renovations to existing structures
  • Concern investigations regarding malfunctioning sewage systems
  • Legal Inquiries
  • Re-inspection Programs

Details about these services are outlined on the links to the right.


Links to the on-site sewage system program applications can be found on the sidebar or on the Application Forms and Fees page.

Fees and Payment

On-site sewage system program services and fees are outlined on the Fee Schedule on the side link.  The Ontario Building Code enable NBMCA to charge fees for services.  The Fees are approved by the NBMCA Board of Directors. Our Fees Policy is based on three principles:  user-pay, adequate consultation and notification, and right to appeal.

Public Meeting Notice Regarding 2024 Fee Increase

NBMCA has received the comments provided during the public consultation period for the proposed fee update. NBMCA have reviewed and considered the comments.   As a result the consulted fees have been updated.  Please find the amended 2024 fee schedule.


The North Bay office processes applications for properties located in Nipissing and East Parry Sound Districts.

The Parry Sound office processes applications for properties located in West Parry Sound District.

For a list of municipalities and the associated NBMCA office, view the map below or visit the Permit Application webpage here (scroll to the bottom of the Permit Application page to view the list.)

For further information or to discuss your project, contact the Inspectors at our North Bay office at 705 474-5420 or by email.  If your project is located within the West Parry Sound District, contact our Parry Sound office at 705 746-7566 or email.

NBMCA On-site Sewage System Jurisdiction (Ontario Building Code)