(March 15, 2019) The Watershed Conditions Statement - Water Safety issued on March 13, 2019 has expired. 

A cold front is moving in to the area and dropping temperatures back below freezing, so runoff amounts will lessen as snowpacks freeze back up.  Localized ponding continues to be present in low lying areas due to ice and snow restricting the flow of water, so residents should continue to exercise reasonable caution.

The general public is advised of these messages through www.nbmca.ca website with the flood status icon and a link to information about current conditions. 

NBMCA also issues these messages through local media and social media including twitter @theNBMCA using #NBMCAFlood and facebook.com/NBMCA.

The public is invited to share their photos of local water conditions through social media #NBMCAFlood.

Learn more about NBMCA's Flood Forecasting Program and Terminology.



Kurtis Romanchuk, Duty Officer, 705 474-5420
Sue Buckle, Manager, Communications & Outreach, 705 474-5420 ext 2010 cell: 705 497-4999