(Corbeil, ON.  October 14, 2022)  The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority unveiled a new kiosk sign at Corbeil Conservation Area today, honouring the Corbeil Parents’ Association who championed the formation of the Corbeil Conservation Area more than 40 years ago.

“NBMCA has always recognized and appreciated the grassroots contributions of people in our watershed. Their input, together with our partnership with municipalities, contribute to effectively managing our watershed.  As part of our 50th Anniversary, we welcome the Municipality of East Ferris’s nomination of the Corbeil Parents’ Association as champions in our watershed,” said Dave Britton, Chair of NBMCA.

In addition to the new kiosk sign, the conservation area will be a new location to monitor climate data.

“I am also pleased to share that NBMCA will install a climate monitoring station at the Corbeil Conservation Area. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is acknowledged for providing the climate monitoring equipment,” added Britton.  

As people walk the trails, they can thank the past members of the former Corbeil Parents’ Association for championing the creation of Corbeil Conservation Area. 

“The Municipality of East Ferris congratulates North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority on its 50th anniversary.   Fifty years of leadership in the conservation, restoration and responsible management of our region's water, land and natural habitats is a significant milestone,” said East Ferris Mayor Pauline Rochefort.

“The Municipality also congratulates the former members of the Corbeil Parents Association for championing the creation of the Corbeil Conservation Area in 1980 and its 1.8 km walking trail”, she added.

The Municipality of East Ferris, together with NBMCA, recognize and thank these champions from the former Corbeil Parents’ Association:

  • Dianne Carrière
  • Rose-Marie Champagne
  • Yvonne Champagne
  • Colette Gravelle
  • Raymond Gravelle
  • Agnès Voyer
  • Art Voyer
  • Bill Vrebosch
  • Gisèle Vrebosch
  • Don Wilson
  • Eva Wilson

NBMCA was able to leverage provincial grants that were available back in the 1970s and 80s to purchase land to protect the La Vase River flood plain lands, while at the same time creating and preserving a space that the community desired for outdoor recreation.

“It was the perfect balance between human needs and the needs of the natural environment. The planned climate monitoring station at the Corbeil Conservation Area will be used to measure rain amounts, air temperature and other key climate data. These measurements support climate change assessments and nature-based resiliency,” said Chitra Gowda,  NBMCA CAO.

Corbeil Conservation Area includes part of the historic LaVase River and its floodplain. Recognizing its unique ecological features, NBMCA developed a self-guided, 1.8 km trail which leads visitors across numerous boardwalks and through a variety of landscapes.  Over time, there have been upgrades to the trails and boardwalks.  A number of interpretive sites detail the changes that occurred in the forest over time. A highlight of the walk is a number of interesting rock formations that were created by glaciers during the last ice age. 

North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario responsible for watershed management on behalf of local municipalities, stakeholders, and the province.

The public can follow NBMCA on the web at nbmca.ca, Facebook (@theNBMCA) Twitter (@theNBMCA) and Instagram (nbmcainfo).


Media contact:

Sue Buckle, NBMCA Manager, Communications and Outreach
Cell: (705) 497-4999  Office: (905) 474-5420