(North Bay May 31, 2023). A FLOOD WATCH continues for the Lake Nipissing shoreline in the NBMCA watershed including areas in North Bay along Parks Creek from Marshall Avenue to the Lake; Chippewa Creek from Main Street to the Lake; and La Vase River from Riverbend Road to the Lake, according to the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA).

“A Flood Watch continues for the Lake Nipissing shoreline area and the nearby parts of Parks Creek, Chippewa Creek, and La Vase River, as these areas are influenced by high lake levels,” said Angela Mills, NBMCA Flood Duty Officer. “The lake water level decreased by 10 cm in the past week and is expected to continue to slowly decrease. Strong winds and wave action are a concern while lake levels are high,” she added. The water level on Lake Nipissing is regulated by dams operated by the federal government. Current water levels can be viewed by searching Station Name “Lake Nipissing” at https://wateroffice.ec.gc.ca/search/real_time_e.html

For comparison, when lake-based flooding occurred on Lake Nipissing in May 2019, the water level on Lake Nipissing at North Bay reached a maximum level that is about 60 cm higher than the present level. The water level was higher than current levels for the period between April 30 and June 28, 2019.

Area residents and visitors along the Lake Nipissing shoreline, especially those in low-lying areas, are advised to monitor the conditions and take proper precautions. The public is encouraged to keep children and pets away from the shoreline and nearby streams. If you have a flood emergency, please contact your municipality. If you live in an unincorporated township, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – North Bay District.

As part of the NBMCA Flood Forecasting and Warning Program, staff will continue to monitor weather and watershed conditions and update this message if needed based on the changing weather/streamflow conditions. Staff remain in contact with municipalities and other partners as required.

The general public is advised of these messages through the www.nbmca.ca website with the flood status icon and a link to information about current conditions. NBMCA also circulates these messages to local media and social media, posting on Twitter (@theNBMCA), Facebook (@theNBMCA) and Instagram (nbmcainfo).

This message will be in effect until Monday, June 5, 2023 at 4:00 PM EDT. No further updates will be issued unless forecasted levels or conditions change.



Angela Mills, Duty Officer, cell: 705-497-4668
Chitra Gowda, CAO, cell: 705-477-0372

Terminology: Notification Levels

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