Trail signage by Discovery Routes - The Great Trail.

Visiting a Conservation Area?  Check out these Important Reminders.

In 1998, the Nature Conservancy of Canada transferred ownership of the 131 hectare John P. Webster Nature Preserve to the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority. The Nature Preserve has been established to preserve the land for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations. 

A highlight of the J.P. Webster Nature Preserve is a number of bright green boulders scattered throughout the property. The green colour is derived from the lichens that live on the rock's surface. The trail provides access to Busch Lake.

In 2017, The Great Trail by Trans Canada Trail made its way through the village of Nipissing and along Alsace Rd, connecting to the JP Webster Nature Preserve.  This section of the Trans Canada Trail is named in memory of Pat Haufe, former Mayor for the village of Nipissing.  Pat also served as a member of the North Bay-Mattawa Source Protection Authority.


Directions: Travel south of North Bay on Highway 11, then turn left on Alsace Road. Follow Alsace Road for ten kilometres. Look for signs for Pat Haufe Way and JP Webster Nature Preserve.