Your first step is to contact your municipality.  Some municipalities may have sand and/or bags available for their residents. Some may provide sand, but not bags.  

NBMCA does not supply or provide sandbags; our role is natural hazard management including flood monitoring and forecasting.

The Canadian Armed Forces have a helpful video available on You Tube on how to build a sandbag wall.  

North Bay/Mattawa Sandbag Suppliers

Below is a brief list of sandbag suppliers (in alphabetical order).  We are not endorsing any of these suppliers or guaranteeing their supply; simply providing information which may assist the community.  Sandbags may vary in size or quality.  

This is by no means a complete list of sandbag suppliers, and local hardware and supply stores may also have sandbags available. 

Burrows Country Store & Garden Store
270 3rd Ave. W., North Bay

Ferris Home Hardware
390 Lakeshore Dr., North Bay

Gateway Home Hardware
1300 Algonquin Ave., North Bay

OCP Construction Supplies
1704 Seymour St., North Bay

Wilson’s Builder Supplies
760 John St., Mattawa

Other Sandbag Suppliers

BTS Construction Services – 905-669-6473

Burtex – 416-745-2711

Greely Sand & Gravel

Gx Packaging – 519-686-1669 or 1-866-857-7143

Lloyd Bag Co. Ltd. – 1-800-549-2247

Sandbag Warehouse – 1-204-734-8221                                                                                   

Uline – 1-800-295-5510