On-site Sewage System File Reviews

When enlarging or renovating a home or cottage (such as adding bedrooms, plumbing fixtures or a floor area 15% greater than the existing; or a change of use), it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the existing sewage system can accommodate a potential increase of daily design sewage flow. The Sewage System File Review application will allow NBMCA to assess whether the proposed construction will increase the dwelling’s daily design sewage flow and thus initiate a reduction in sewage system performance level.  This review is required prior to the Municipality issuing a building permit for construction.

OBC Clearance

NBMCA reviews municipal building applications for decks, garages or accessory buildings to assess whether the proposed construction complies with Part 8 (Sewage Systems) of the Ontario Building Code (OBC). 

Plan Input & Reviews

NBMCA offers additional planning services to both municipalities and individuals with regards to the OBC’s requirements for suitability of sites, proposed construction, renovations, etc. NBMCA’s planning staff also review Planning Act applications and together with the on-site sewage system inspectors review the septic related implications for severance and zoning applications.  Visit the Plan Review section of the website for more details.

Legal Inquiries

NBMCA offers property owners, lawyers and realtors information on the status of permits, work orders, occurrences and capability of an existing septic system.  NBMCA has records for more than 42,000 on-site sewage systems within Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts going back as far as 1972.  Please complete a Legal Inquiry Request Form.  Direct your request to email.

Fees and Payment

On-site sewage system program services and fees are outlined on the Fee Schedule.  

 Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX over the phone,  by cheque in the mail, or by debit at our North Bay and Parry Sound offices.