Visiting a Conservation Area?  Check out these Important Reminders.

This twelve-kilometre pathway, named in honour of Olympic skier and native daughter Kate Pace, is a multi-use trail for walking, jogging, cycling, and inline skating, and is intended for shared use. The pathway winds through a variety of environments including sections surrounded by trees, streams, and nature, municipal parks, roadways, and residential areas as well as North Bay’s beautiful waterfront. Along the waterfront, walkers may choose to walk along the lock-stone sidewalk which meanders through seasonal gardens managed and maintained by the volunteers of North Bay Heritage Gardeners, and along beautiful Lake Nipissing, while biker and bladers continue along the paved pathway. The pathway runs parallel to Lakeshore Drive.


DirectionsFrom the HWY 11/17 junction near Seymour Street, head northeast on HWY 11/17 and turn left at Cassells Street. Turn right onto Main Street West, and left onto Memorial Drive where you will find a parking lot and the Kate Pace Way trailhead.