Watershed Wonders 50th Anniversary Photo Contest 2022 


A picture, as they say, is worth 1,000 words.

With hectares of forests, lakes, rivers, streams, provincially significant wetlands, rugged wilderness trails and urban pathways in the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority region, our watersheds have a lot to say. We live, work, and play in a spectacular region of Ontario, filled with natural wonders and watersheds!

Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted photos to our 2022 Watershed Wonders Photo Contest! Congratulations to the winners!

“To see these photographs, they tell the story of why conservation authorities, together with our municipal and community partners, need to continue the work we do as watershed managers so that our water remains healthy for generations to come,” said NBMCA Vice Chair Shelley Belanger.

“The photographers have captured the serenity, beauty, and meaningful relationship between people and the natural landscape within our watersheds,” said CAO Chitra Gowda.

The winning photographs and honourable mentions will be featured in a Photo Exhibition in the NBMCA tower (15 Janey Ave., North Bay) in 2023!

NBMCA would like to thank all local businesses (see sidebar) who have donated prizes to highlight the beauty and importance of a healthy watershed and recognize the photographs and photographers for their talents and appreciation of our natural wonders. 


Check out the 1st place winner overall, 1st place winner in each category, and two honorable mentions! 


1st Place Winner Overall!

Kevin Lalonde
Location: Four Mile Lake, North Bay, ON



Capture the presence of nature while creating a sense of place, with or without people. Whether the focus is on large spaces, sunsets, ripples on a lake, a rare plant or a landscape view from a bird or ant’s perspective, your photograph speaks for nature itself.

Kaye Edmonds
Location: Laurier Woods Conservation Area, North Bay, ON


People and Nature

Your photograph tells a story about people exploring nature whether they are hiking, mountain biking, treasure hunting, or simply appreciating and enjoying outdoor spaces like our conservation areas! These photos can be scenic, candid, or even action shots.

Kevin Lalonde
Location: Four Mile Lake, North Bay, ON


Sustainable Structures

Things and ways that people build, manufacture, and create that respect, protects, or enhances the environment. These structures can be with or without people.

Megan Johnson
Location: Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area, North Bay, ON



From chipmunks to moose, hummingbirds to eagles, sunfish to musky, our watersheds are alive with all kinds of wildlife! Photograph them in our conservation areas, in the bush or in your very own backyard.  

Ken Sitter
Location: Cranberry Trail, Callander, ON



Take the time and explore the magic, mystery, and beauty of what is above, below and in between water.  Did you know we have freshwater jellyfish in one of our area lakes? Have you watched an osprey or eagle dive for a fish? Show us through photography your care, concern and appreciation for our area wetlands, creeks, rivers, and lakes. 

Kaye Edmonds
Location: Laurier Woods Conservation Area, North Bay, ON



Open category. 18 and under. 

Natalie Seidler
Location: Lake Nipissing, North Bay, ON


Honorable Mentions!

Chris Chartrand
Location: Laurentian Escarpment Conservation Area, North Bay, ON


Kaye Edmonds
Location: Sturgeon Falls, ON


Special thank you to local award-winning photographer Michael de Morée

for his assistance with the Watershed Wonders Photo Contest.


Thank you for all the wonderful submissions! Congratulations to the winners!