The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s (NBMCA) watershed overflows with champions, people whose actions - big and small - have contributed to the health and well-being of our families, our neighbourhoods, our communities, our environment and our watershed.

The richness of our lives, our families, and our communities is built on the actions of people who have made a difference.

A grandparent or parent. A dear friend or inspiring colleague. A graduating student. A retiring employee.

These people are true champions!

These are people you can celebrate with your donation and an engraved “pine cone” on the Boardwalk of Champions!

NBMCA’s “Boardwalk of Champions” is an opportunity for you to give recognition to someone who has inspired you, someone you want to be remembered, someone who is celebrating a special milestone in their life (birthday, marriage, retirement), someone who has overcome a challenge or someone who has contributed to the well-being of others.

For a $100 donation in honour of a champion in your life, NBMCA will acknowledge your donation and your champion with an engraved pinecone on a trail boardwalk. (Pictured above is the new Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area boardwalk.)  You can name your Champion and make your donation today using this online form!

Proceeds raised from the NBMCA’s “Boardwalk of Champions” will go directly to our outreach initiatives and events.

Funds raised will stay local and support these educational and community projects.